Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Tunage - Power Edition VIII

Yes, yes and more yes, The Sunday Tunage - POWER EDITION is here, now I am very much an avid lover of all genres of bleeps, strings and shakes but one in particular has always had a grasp on this boi's heart and that is all things retro electronic, I'm talking about synthwave, which is itself has subs and is part of a bigger genre but this is no music lesson, no, it is a carefully selected playlist of my faves form the past months or so (it was painful to pin it down to a few). I really hope you enjoy them as mush as I do.

Also note the cover art is from my own piece which you can purchase sans the copy up on society6 on anything such as posters, cushions, duvets, etc etc, so if you like you buy, yes? link below

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