Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Tunage #98

We are all about the chilled vibed in this weeks Tunage, 5 tracks selected by mine ears for your pleasure and musication, enjoy :) 

Finn Snor vs Rosa Lux vs Kasper Bjørke Min Klub Først/Heaven Mashup

Dunno what the originals were that formed this mashup but its just a lovely piece, that for me harkens back to Morcheeba days (remember them, no? You should!)

Chromatics - Back From The Grave (Goes Calypsos Jag Vaknar Alltid För Sent Remix)

I love, love, love, the original and this Goes Calypso remix, adds a different texture to the mix.

Passenger 10 - Parcours (Original Mix)

Um, yes so much awesomeness happening here, to me this is the exact epitome of great production, solid beat with fantastic sounds weaved to form a fantabulous track AND saxaphone! BOOM.

Atella feat. O. Martin - Mechanical Sparrow (Atella Club Mix)

So like the previous track and this one should definitely live on my permanent playlist, so much yumminess which takes the layback original and bumps up the groove factor.

The Field - Raise The Dead (Live in Berlin)

Sometimes with music, patience is a virtue and rightly so, this one takes you on a 10 minute melodica travel that whisks you away from those tedious daily thoughts to somewhere nicer :)


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