Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Tunage #111

Welcome to The Sunday Tunage, 5 tracks that have been engrained in my brain for the past week...

Gold Panda - Time Eater (Fort Romeau Remix)

Though I feel using the word boutique to describe music sounds a bit pretentious, within this context I'll let it slide, what context? Well describing Gold Panda's music, thats what: "boutique electronica" slow sultry lets sit and chill on this martini kind of electronica. Now hand it over to Romeau and that concept is out the window, keep the martini though.

MOUA - ton goût

French rap produced by Maethelvin, I'm in!

FEMME - Fever Boy (Lindstrøm Remix)

Could totally jam to this with strobe lights and dripping in sub-culture sweat on a Friday night in a basement somewhere.

Nicki Minaj - Black Barbies 

UPDATE: So its been removed form her ladies Soundcloud but you can enjoy it over, before I would assume it gets taken off: here

Dunno if its the subject matter of the lyrics or the electro hint of the production but this is my pop guilty pleasure for the week.

₪ jetson - Dylan Rieder

A really lovely piece dedicated the the late skateboarder Dylan Reider who passed away last month due to cancer related complications.


I'm always excited when College comes out with new material also interested in how visually he chooses to portray his music, so when I watched Auto Pilot I was hooked, all the vintage feels came out plus a hint of eeriness I'm a sucker for abandon buildings and malls especially, has this Dawn of the dead-ness to it.


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