Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Tunage #103

A couple of weeks hiatus and Sunday Tunage is back, just wanted to make sure that the music I share was of the utmost awesomest and didn't want to post just for the sake of posting so hence the pause. So once again here are 5 tracks of ear candy that have been dripping in my ears. Honourable mention of albums that have been on constant rotation the past weeks are; Digitalism - Mirage, Beyonce - Lemonade, Makeup and Vanity Set - Hit TV, FM-84 - Atlas and last but not least John Carpenter - Lost Themes II. I have been spoiling my ears.

Acasual - Spring Theory (Moomin Rework)

Beautiful piece of deep house right here, so much so, I am looking to purchase the vinyl..

Pegase - Without Reasons

An old track but just got Pegase on my brain as I absolutely love "Ladybug" so its just a matter of time that I will dig more of his stuff.

[Hot Digits] 'Year Two' (Compilation)18 - Rayko - Number One

Some kick ass drum 80's action going on here, sounds a lot like a Prince track and a good way.

Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You (RAC Mix)

Guilty pleasure has to be RAC remix of Gwen Stefani's latest outing, to be honest the original is also not that bad.

Fjäder - Shades Of Light [Shaded Explorations]

This is a journey of a track, full of depth and a mature ambient sound that, just demands your utter emotional attention.


Always a keen follower of Mykki Blanco and his taste in collabs just ups his anti, this time round he enlists Woodkid, who I don't really follow but will probably after this track. The video is an updated version of Romeo and Juliet, dealing with an LGBT cast that also comments on the refugee issue, set in Germany also gives it the bit of current-cy. Great track too.


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