Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Tunage #95

So many of my faves are hitting us in our faces with new albums and music coming out, from The Kills to Digitalism, to EVERYONE! YAY what a week for music, stick around till the end as I have a Vapor/Simpson mash video AND old school hip hop mixtape, you're welcome.

EMBRZ - Lights (feat. PennyBirdRabbit)

This is one of those pretty summer songs to ride a bike to or paddle a boat in a serene lake, yes I think I'll do that..

ABSOLUTE. - Fairground

Keeping with the deep chilled vibes this one brings the house to your bed.. okay dunno where I was going with this one.

Holy Ghost! - Crime Cutz (Eli Escobar Remix)

Both these producers are gold, having them hug in one track is heaven.

ENDEAVOR - Lifestyle

An upbeat electro track that is guaranteed to get you in a happy dappy sappy mood, yes even on a Monday morning. I promise.


My longtime buddies of electo are back this year with a new album MIRAGE coming out 13th May 2016 (Its been 5 YEARS!!!) and have teased u with not one but two (Battlecry) I chose Utopia coz its amazeballs!!


In my ongoing quest for musical satisfaction I have found a holy grail of 90's hip hop that takes this boy back to 1995, no glam, no bitching, no Kanye...


If you love The Simpsons and Vaporwave, well then Lucien Hughes is your man, having created surreal drugged out edits of vintage Simpson footage on a backdrop of some of the best Vapes out there, it is quite awesome, I particularly love SUNDAY SCHOOL check out the rest of his videos on his Youtube channel here



I have new designs up on carious sites, go have a look, and if you follow either please "like" They are pretty good if I do say so myself :), each site has their own unique products so check them all out:

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