Friday, July 24, 2009

A Rant

Go away Glomail Adverts! with your matchbox budgets capable of only hiring face-for-radio “actors” with a penchant for hanging around fires wearing synthetic retarded blankets with holes in or 40+ year old sleepovers on glorified lilos, ooh botox too much?? How about squeezing snail foot all over your face and see in 2 weeks if that works, while watching your brat play on his laptop which basically is a heap of un-eco friendly plastic, housing a 1-inch LCD screen but oh you can add sums in Afrikaans? well fry my ass and call me Einstein!! I didn’t know they had a boere version of the number 1, back to school for me.Of course I can get plenty exercise for PT running on a state-of-the-art mat, watching state-of-the-art 2-bit pixels, if your “workout" cause's you to pee, you could wipe it up with microfibre plastic so small they had to computer generate it .ooh graphics. Money back guarantee! How’s about I pay you to never make any of that shit ever again that would be the greatest back guarantee ever!!! Go away Glomail no one likes you!!!!!

this is a rant.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey hey hey!!!!

Been ages hey? But anyhew I’ve actually been quite a busy beaver, and not just the social circuit. Have a lot of mini stuff in the pipelines so watch this space and not my ass. Okay maybe my ass, its cute right? Don’t deny it…..

Went for a casting yesterday for an overseas brand, had to act, it was fun!!! I miss acting. I chose advertising as I thought it was more stable “low and behold” later, cue in frying pan (labelled- reality check) to face. So that’s one thing to hold thumbs for. I’m also working on a semi- secret project for a college over seas, that if I win I get in!!! Some people know others don’t. Now I don’t want to tell all just yet, as I am a firm believer in the power of Jinx, so bear with me until further notice, wow I’m like Bold and the Beautiful with that hook, except I don’t sleep around with family members, although I am Greek so how could I know.

So on Sunday I was the victim of a crime (no, no SABC3 sponsored musician was no where near my ears). It was Just off Long Street (shock) where some Bergie took my phone right out of my hands and poofed it away into his bag. Cue a slightly tipsy Matti running after him begging for at least the SIM card back, oh he gave me something right, like three punches’ later. Not hectic ones but it was assault, thank God for a group of ladies and a cab driver later and a friend I got my phone back!! But what really got me was how the people around me really helped me. It was reminiscent of the scene in Kindergarden Cop where the kids yell “Stranger Stranger”, and how the most effective weapon is not a knife or gun but a voice and you can never run out of bullets with that…….unless you really scream loud.

Okay I’m out Enjoy the weekend people