Saturday, October 29, 2011

Matts Halloween Palooza II

Another year another Halloween Movie Palooza, feel pity for this one as I have been suffering a bout of flu the whole week what convenient timing, I should be out and about scouting for a Halloween outfit|(s) yet I am in bed-ish dealing with a throat that seems to be possessed by Bobcat Goldthwait. eek!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Work, The Work, The Work

I'm just going to skip the fact that I have neglected my blog,like the english people neglect fashion by wearing sweatpants in public.

As you can see by the headline of this post that I have been working extreeeeeemmmmeelly hard this past month, actually that's a lie, tho freelance has been good to this boy, the golden goblet of a stable job has alluded my lips of lust (wow where did that come from?). Life kinda has a way of not being quite what I want, but yet still giving me what (it thinks) I need, I'm not complaining just not content. PAHLLEEZZZ dont tell me "It gets better" save it for the Youtube vids for my poor gay tweens who are taking their lives (yup its still going), I just want to go through the days with a certainty in the insanity and hope one day a skrew will stay in....that's a positive thing.

So ya'll I opened a Tumblr account, as I feel this is more of a "Dear Diary" sorta thing and if I just want to post pics or videos with no DVD commentary I can just post them there, you can gaze upon it over here.

PS: The Work, The Work, The Work used to be my first jobs mantra, I don't get why companies need to conceptualize a slogan when there are clients and brands who need good ideas the most, anyhoo, there was one interview I went to for a retail agency in Cape Town, whose D&AD award winning honey-on-the-ears slogan was " We make your tills sing"....honestly? I don't even think my residual acting chops were enough for me to contain my laughter, wow I really lost my luster for advertising or maybe I just haven't had the right environment.

I think my slogan could read F.Y.I.X.Y.Z: I like to get pissed. no? or F.Y.I.X.Y.Z: a pissed creative. nope? oh well.

lata hatas

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