Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey hey hey

Can you believe I haven’t done a single post in ages, I would say I have been busy but alas no, my life she be boring. Well not that I did recently celebrate my birthday last week and it was great a whole weekend of debauched goodness like a tub of Hag n Das, of course being lactose intolerant you all know what eventually happens afterwards……..yeah.
Fun was had by all who came to my little shindig on Thursday. Even tho my Birthday was the next day, I figured: How else to handle the impending realisation that as I’m getting older, the only rings I have, are the ones under my eyes, than by being as intoxicated with peeps as I can possibly get, and yeah, you should’ve seen all the rings I got.

Birthday Card

Inside Birthday Card...what lovely friends have I!!!!
Starting a job on Friday, wait wait wait, before you get all hoohah!! Its not in the field I’ve been looking for 5 MONTHS for, its in selling which I am more than happy to do than go back into waitering. Its something to do while I wait for my passport to come through and its in a gym! So I can finally do something about the thing that science calls my body.

Well off I go SpongeBob is starting……