Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year Tunage 2015

So that happened and by that I mean 2015, I can't say it was a fantastic year, what I can say it that it was a year of change, growth, faults, surprises, friendships, downers and milestones. Here's to all of that over again and then some, by some I mean more of the good stuff.

As with every year end I like to share my audio journey with 20 tracks that have been in constant play throughout, there are no synthwave tracks within, as that would be like everything instead take a gander at the POWER EDITIONS for that. These tracks span over genres as I never want to limit myself, hope you all do too.

I created a design especially for this, so if you dig it, you can purchase it form these sites, on basically everything from prints, duvets, clocks and cushions: Society6Redbubble,  soon Art Rookie

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