Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Tunage #94

The Sunday Tunage 5 tracks that have been engrained in my brain for the past week, or in this case couple of weeks, I will try be more consistent in the future, so sue me..

Living Hour - Lefse Records

Lets start off the tunage with a slow dreamy track that takes you away and keeps you here at the same time. Like i could so do a montage of my life to this track or just a walk to the Lidle, that would be a cool video, right? just say yes...

Suuns - Translate (Dark Sky 'Pressure Remix')

Having had a wonderful time in Berlin last week, it reminded me of the techno happenings that occur there, now I may not be a full on techno person, I do appreciate the odd track here and there, like this remix for instance...

Prins Thomas - C (I:Cube remix)

I am definitely placing this on my New Year Tunage at the end of this year, what a build up intro and the beat just takes you to another direction, LOVE IT! Clocking in at 7 mins, yum!

Fred Falke - It's A Memory ft. Elohim, Mansions On The Moon (Oliver Remix)

What a dreaming voice and make deeper by the weird lyrics, it just works, I'm trying to find the original Falke but alas I'll have to wait until it drops but Oliver's remix is just perfect discolectro infusion. Speaking of disco....

Black Amex - Pitch Black City

...I am gonna pour so much of it all over your funk ass with this number. Three years late to this jam but tell me you don't feel like jumping up from your desk and just saying FUNK IT, LET'S DANCE! when you listen to it.

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