Monday, January 24, 2011

Acting Chops

There are some pretty talented people out there, I found some scenes from diff TV shows, that'll back it up. Enjoy and get the tissues ready..

Dexter: (Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C.Hall)

Desperate Housewives: (Felicity Huffman)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
(bad recording quality acting)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music & Nytol


"heya"..that's the greeting I receive wherever I am over here, its as infectious as "Achy Breaky Heart" was back in 92, but afterwards you feel like a college girl waking up in the morning, hungover from the previous nights frat partay next to some guy named Clifford and a beer bong.

wow that was a detour intro...anyway, I forgot what I was gonna type about now, have to act before the Nytol train hits my station...toot! toot! zzzzzzzz.. oh now I remember:

You can always tell how cool a person is by the amount of DJ friends he has, and I'm not talking facebook-request-he-don't'-know-you-but-you-type-random-shit-on-their-wall-friends. I'm talking ones you actually know.

I have the fortune of knowing two really talented (browny points) producers/music makers, both of whom have been releasing good material every time, I have mentioned both before; Jumping Back Slash here and Who Killed JR? here but I figured a post of their latest stuff was in order. They're different threads on the audio spectrum but neither are lesser in the entertainment...

So that means I'm cool right?

also check out my Souncloud and hear what else I'm jiving to at the mo, Okay I hear the train coming...


Saturday, January 1, 2011


Reflection. the sponsor of the day.

Most people I guess would be taking this time to either:
A: Work out what exactly to expect for the coming months
B: Think about what can be improved upon in their lives from the previous year
C: Taking the time to meditate and cleanse the soul for the New Year
D: Working off a mother f%^*ing hangover from the previous nights debauchery by drinking more and filling the tank with some cow meat at the nearest Mcdonalds.

The thought of reflection for me takes on more a literal approach, over the past few years towards the impending era of 30's and the decay of 20's, it's more and more of a struggle to recognise the face that stares back at me whilst shaving the man-beard. Getting distracted in the daily drama that is "the days of our lives" I feel the increasing need to get back to my roots (not the kiss-the-tarmac-of-Africa kind).
Sure we have to change and adapt in order to move on but what I mean is nowa days I'm a toothpick close to boiling a rabbit with making even the smallest of -what brand toothpaste?- decisions but back then when I was going through bad stuff I could sorta deal with that childlike inhibited naivety

What I think would be perfect is if my old self and new self could do a mental Fusion Dance resulting in a semi perfect on the right track being. That will be my New Years proposition.