Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sunday Tunage #109

Hi All
So listen, I know its Tuesday but I've been in Paris for a long weekend visiting a buddy of mine and cannot keep this post in my drafts for another week, so I'm posting on a Tuesday just so you can wrap your ears around the latest jams I have been swimming in for the past week(s) Enjoy!

TENSNAKE - Freundchen

Always a treat to hear new material form Berlin based techno guy Tensnake, and what a disoc fused bit of techno it is! Off his latest ep by the same name... I hear the vinyl calling my name....

The Toxic Avenger - You Were There

This is some different sounds coming from The Toxic Avenger considering the fact I haven't heard his stuff for a long time, and going through his recent library he has not thrown away his signature angle grinder on a record sound at all, he just mad it more chilled, well to my ears anyways...

Death On The Balcony - Memories Of The Future (All Day I Dream)

Aw you can't fault DOTB, pure deep house vibes coming at you, preferably in a sunset, er, setting...

h e m i n g w a y - Ganges

Some world music vibes illuminating from h e m i n g w a y, pretty mush the same sunset vibes but on another frequency


Found this guy through his HAIM remix's here and here and I truly love the sounds coming out of this one, electric guitars, distorted frog croaks (not really but thats what I hear) and playful 8-bit-like casio keyboard fiddles thrown in somewhere...


An oldie but always dug this song and the distorted currently dated effects.


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