Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One - Two - Your - Sub - conscious is coming for you

So during last nights microwave induced sleep, I had a combo dream special, (trust me, it had the same makings as a big Mac with supersized fries and value sugar infused coke)

1: The first one up was me getting a call to go back to my old job…um..yeah…okay…whatever, but during that ever so warm secured feeling of sitting at my desk clicking and clacking away, was the looming question of: why am I here? Which is exactly what my boss returned when I asked her the same question. So during this dream sequence I was like a patient in a psych ward wondering around the building determining the fate of my career and wondering what the hell is going on with the waterfall in the bathroom…..not cool.

2: The second act of my incredibly relaxing sleep happened when I by “accidently” bumping into that ex which I had taken about a lot of months getting over, so there we were back in the swing of things when all of a sudden -poof -he’s gone, now of course I’m wondering how different is this from reality, well you tell it to the pink elephant that was standing in the room (seriously this dream was full of all the clichés with a drip of Suess and touch of Finch). It was at this time I woke up.

Seriously now WHAT THE FUCK does that all mean, did I get a visit from Mr Kruegar who wanted to mend his evil ways by taking me on a journey through my sub- conscious, to make me realize shit? If that’s the case, then FML coz all it did was make me feel even more tired than I have been and way more shite.
I thought dreams were suppose to be escapes from the world, so do me a favour Freddy and keep on skewering people through their crotches, with a kitchen spoon and leave the life defining lessons to daytime TV.

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