Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Tunage #23

Welcome back to the Tunage for this week has some eclectic tunes from rap to electro to folk, which comes as no surprise to this blog, no music genre is a bad genre, except dub step, we don't much find that much easy on the ears...

Erika Badu - TRILL FRIENDS : BADU WHODINI rough mix

The Badu has garnered enough cred in her career to be at a point where its just about the music and experimenting and playing and going cray cray, off soon to be released mixtape "THIS $h!t TOO EASY" Trill Friends is a remix of Real Friends by Kanye West, who's music means more to mean than that of a sound of a toilet flush, so thank you Badu for making the best of whatever the original was. (I'm also particularly keen on the Hotline Bling remix)

Tom Watson - What I Found

Ah this kind of country folk reminds me of the Santaolalla scored BrokeBack Mountain, maybe its the guitar, yes it must be the guitar. Its a perfect lay back Sunday Track where you like, "hmm this is relaxing... wait, what are the lyrics? Deep man... hey pass a toke yo!"


Prince of musical collage actually brought out "COLLAGE" nice a deep but house deep more like atmospherically deep and dark, me likey.

Jesse Rose - Touch ‘N’ Tease (Dub)

Speaking of house, heres one thats musically inclined taken off of FABRICLIVE 85, you know I have never been to Fabric ever and its like basically a bus ride away, dunno if I'm missing much or not as, I'm not into the big doof doof places anymore, unless someone I like is performing.

Du Tonc - Little Bird (Du Tonc Rework)

Eagerly awaiting their full album to drop from duo Du Tonc, I of course love when they release little jems such as this Annie Lennox rework in the meantime, why would I not play it? I really Felt like I wanted to "fly away" as a listened. Given the fact I was sick as a dump truck and had to still go to work with just two of us in the office, sure that would make anyone want to fly or jump. I digress. Yes, not a cover rework as their Springteen outing but still as groovy and Tonc stamped.

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