Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Tunage #101

Post #101 wow, who woulda thunk I would still be doing this after two years. What started out as something of a habitual experiment turned into a explorative study that has brought me closer to the art of music and better understanding of what melody moves me on the inside. Thanks for joining me on this audio adventure, I hope that the music on here also inspires and moves you too.

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Message From The Other Side (Red Axes Remix

Amazing techno Red Axes all the way from Tel Aviv, the original is more darker and stripped back, but Axes really brings the beat, just imagine dancing under the stars with this one. Come on summer!!

Vicarage - Above This

Nice transitional piece, really slick and groovy.

Tempelhof X Gigi Masin "Corner Song" - Boiler Room Debuts

The feels this gives me is incredible, I love it when I am stopped in my tracks and fully drown myself within a track, this one is just that.

Two Another - Shouldn't Have Done That

One sexy track over here, the music equivalent of salted caramel.

Motorique - Surfer

Love me some dream surfer rock vibes complete with bongo drums, delish, if I'm not mistaken there is calypso in there too...


Black Holes - ∆pollo

What a pretty track, more like a musical monologue.


Some short film weirdness with Oscar Isaac


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