Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reset the recession.

So went to a friend’s house last night, we will call her B even tho she hates being called by that, all the more reason to, to drown our sorrows and bitch and moan about our lives. Shit this recession thing is so depressing, anyone who isn’t retrenched is stuck in a job that pay’s you about the same amount as an ants orgasm and with extra work coz the other people are retrenched.
*side note: I’m in the retrenched pile on the desk.

So I’m on a prowl for a new job eek, and not going so good, you see I’m what you call “in a rut” for the love of John Cleese , I have no idea how to get myself out of it, I’m one step closer to buying a self help book, which would most probably be used as a dust collector. You know I’m writing this and even I’m getting bored,

next story: Well I can tell you what’s been getting me through everything, is the divine power of MUSIC! I have no idea where I would be without good solid crafted music, oh yes I would be dead.

So there is this amazing Dj called B-Xentic! He has the same taste in moosic as I do and he did this awesome mix for Palms Out Sounds, so do yourselves a favour and check it the fuck out

Its called Disco Mix

Okay off now later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One - Two - Your - Sub - conscious is coming for you

So during last nights microwave induced sleep, I had a combo dream special, (trust me, it had the same makings as a big Mac with supersized fries and value sugar infused coke)

1: The first one up was me getting a call to go back to my old job…um..yeah…okay…whatever, but during that ever so warm secured feeling of sitting at my desk clicking and clacking away, was the looming question of: why am I here? Which is exactly what my boss returned when I asked her the same question. So during this dream sequence I was like a patient in a psych ward wondering around the building determining the fate of my career and wondering what the hell is going on with the waterfall in the bathroom…..not cool.

2: The second act of my incredibly relaxing sleep happened when I by “accidently” bumping into that ex which I had taken about a lot of months getting over, so there we were back in the swing of things when all of a sudden -poof -he’s gone, now of course I’m wondering how different is this from reality, well you tell it to the pink elephant that was standing in the room (seriously this dream was full of all the clichés with a drip of Suess and touch of Finch). It was at this time I woke up.

Seriously now WHAT THE FUCK does that all mean, did I get a visit from Mr Kruegar who wanted to mend his evil ways by taking me on a journey through my sub- conscious, to make me realize shit? If that’s the case, then FML coz all it did was make me feel even more tired than I have been and way more shite.
I thought dreams were suppose to be escapes from the world, so do me a favour Freddy and keep on skewering people through their crotches, with a kitchen spoon and leave the life defining lessons to daytime TV.

This blog was sponsored by taking 5 Rescue Remedy’s instead of 2.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*Tee Hee moment

a MOOving poem

I came across this funny strip the other day and it reminded me of a poem I did back in the old gays of primary school, if its bad, don't you be judging me:

How now you absent minded cow?
you graze you chew
may the Lord bless you.

You give us milk and food
you even jumped over the moon,
even though we eat you
we still have you in our hearts...literally.

You give us strength and energy
if not we'd be unhealthy.

so thanks a lot you cattle
for not putting up a battle

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A Britney Moment

You know denial can be a wonderful some cases, in others it can fuck you up.

story time!!!

Once upon a time far far near there was a town called Denialsville occupation 63564 and growing. Everybody was happy and merry, going about their own ways, no nothing could ever make the residents of Denialsville down or out. But little did they know of the dormant volcano that was growing right in the centre, just underneath the town hall, lets name it Real Life.

Everyday the residents would gather in the Town Hall and have a huge feast complete brain numbing booze and debaucherous dancing, with more people arriving the party grew to an enormous size, this angered Real Life, as with each new person was more pressure added on top of him.

Soon enough Real Life could not handle it any longer and in a one gigantic motion ripped through the ground, spewing red hot larva's of truth, as it fell on the people of Denialsville their skin burned and boiled at its touched. Soon the whole town was in flames and people running around and falling to the ground screaming in agony. The carnage went on throughout the whole night, until the first glimpse of morning broke.

To this day people rarely go to the town of Denialsville for if they do,
Real Life will be there, waiting......

Moral of the story: Breakdowns are not fun (click on link)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bleed for Beetroots

If there are any of you with any taste in good electronic mooozic, you will get your mofo asses down to the ASSembly on the 6th March, for these guys, they are mixing in the same circles as MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, Shinichi Osawa etc etc...So yeah, they are like AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

The Bloody Beetroots have done remix's of some really top top people, both commercial (Timberland, All American Rejects) and not so (Goose, Fox n Wolf).
As always head over to Myspace or Facebook and check out their colourful history.
Books tickets at The Assembly in Cape Town and for the peeps in Jozi, dont fret, they are going there too, I think....

anyhooo so looking forward to some good shit, finally!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Champ Is the Champ

Is'nt it nice when you come across a song that you just fall in love with and then you fall in love
with the band.This is one such occasion Hey Champs- Cold Dust Girl is amazing in it's neck grooving beats with cool vocals that could make even the coldist chick get on her pumps to dance (okay that was lame).

Anyway check out the rest of the shizzle these guys come out with at their blog, trust me they played with Justice they must be good.


I recently came across this interesting testimonial on F*&$ My Life:

"Today, my boyfriend asked me to set up his new Mac and transfer all the pictures from his old notebook. Seems like he forgot that when he went on vacation 2 months ago he took pictures of him having sex with another guy. We've been together for 3 years and just moved in together. FML"

It interest's me, as I seem to be having a problem with always having flings with straight guys.
Now I'm all for experimentation an all, but really...
I went "out" with this guy who had a girlfriend before me, it was going great but could'nt shake this feeling. A couple of months later I confronted him and he answered: ending with...wife and kids. Needless to say I dropped that ass but still got depro, we havent had contact after that, I recently heard from his friends that he is back with that girl...I was like...whatever, when you're 40 with kids and getting "funny feelings" when watching the so-called-hunks on 7laan.
don't call me.

anyhew the point is, things still have a long way to go, until we can fully explore who we are without judgement...I just wish it cames sooner..coz i need ass.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another day, where can i get a dollar?

So still reeling from the retrenchments gone by, here I found myself (Pro bono) freelancing and still eagerley awaiting a reply from the job i recently went for. Of course being the emotional person I am, I tend to dramatize EVERYTHING!!!,
why aren't they calling,
where is my life headed?
why am I ALONE!!!!!!????

That is until I came across this nifty little website that really connects me with my fellow human beings and makes me feel just that much happier, hopefully it will make you happier too.

enjoy your Monday peeps

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Title Sequence

So this is it...huh?

My first blog, yet somehow that doesn't make me want to bake a cake or saute something using Stork Culiness, if any of you know about that particularity boring Stork Ad, about the mother expressing herself with blogging and the odd occasional emotional connection that occurs, when she cooks with the suspiciously bright yellow liquid. Maybe i should give it more time and who know, i could just be the next Nigella, all thanks to power of blogs, hmmmmm,

Anyhew for my first order of business I would love to share with you all this delightful video, created by Waambat (not her real name) which a friend sent to me. It has Muppets and Peaches...what else could you ask for.

enjoy it.
Later hatas