Saturday, October 29, 2011

Matts Halloween Palooza II

Another year another Halloween Movie Palooza, feel pity for this one as I have been suffering a bout of flu the whole week what convenient timing, I should be out and about scouting for a Halloween outfit|(s) yet I am in bed-ish dealing with a throat that seems to be possessed by Bobcat Goldthwait. eek!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Work, The Work, The Work

I'm just going to skip the fact that I have neglected my blog,like the english people neglect fashion by wearing sweatpants in public.

As you can see by the headline of this post that I have been working extreeeeeemmmmeelly hard this past month, actually that's a lie, tho freelance has been good to this boy, the golden goblet of a stable job has alluded my lips of lust (wow where did that come from?). Life kinda has a way of not being quite what I want, but yet still giving me what (it thinks) I need, I'm not complaining just not content. PAHLLEEZZZ dont tell me "It gets better" save it for the Youtube vids for my poor gay tweens who are taking their lives (yup its still going), I just want to go through the days with a certainty in the insanity and hope one day a skrew will stay in....that's a positive thing.

So ya'll I opened a Tumblr account, as I feel this is more of a "Dear Diary" sorta thing and if I just want to post pics or videos with no DVD commentary I can just post them there, you can gaze upon it over here.

PS: The Work, The Work, The Work used to be my first jobs mantra, I don't get why companies need to conceptualize a slogan when there are clients and brands who need good ideas the most, anyhoo, there was one interview I went to for a retail agency in Cape Town, whose D&AD award winning honey-on-the-ears slogan was " We make your tills sing"....honestly? I don't even think my residual acting chops were enough for me to contain my laughter, wow I really lost my luster for advertising or maybe I just haven't had the right environment.

I think my slogan could read F.Y.I.X.Y.Z: I like to get pissed. no? or F.Y.I.X.Y.Z: a pissed creative. nope? oh well.

lata hatas

Visual for this post provided by: ME!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh Diary my diary

Matt: Hello Diary, its been a long time my friend how have you been?

Diary: oh my god Matt where have you been?? I have so much to tell you, well fir..

Matt: Okay that was a rhetorical and how actually am I conversing with you you have no lips or even a mind to speak from. What is making this possible?

Diary: Seriously? after all these years only now you're asking this?

Matt: Um

Diary: well Matt what I can say is that; Diary is Matt and Matt is Diary...

Matt: What the fuck is that suppose to mean?

Diary: That Your mind is the equivalent of a Boeing 747-8 in a car wash.

Matt: again... What the hell is that suppose to mean?

Diary: You are like a pair of sneakers being worn by a deck chair.

Matt: okay you're getting weird...

Diary: Say's the guy who's literally typing to himself.

Matt: Wait a minute, are you saying this is all in my head?

Dairy:...and Bingo was his name.

Bingo: Finally you acknowledge me!

Matt: ----------------------

Aroused - Tom Vek's SUB-EDIT by Tom Vek

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy edit) by Tesla Boy

Final DJs- Moonlight Serenade by FINAL DJs

Karen's Party Mix

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Anya's character in Buffy was perfect to replace the bitchy gap left by Cordelia absence but also added another dimension of an ex demon fresh mortal, trying to make it in a human world (as we all try and do everyday, if you don't then kummbaayaa to you).

A great example comes from the death of Buffy's mom Joyce in Season 5 episode "The Body, where everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Yup they all there, guilt, anger blah blah.

Written heart tugglingly by Joss Whedon (who's directing The Avengers movie as I type) and acted superb by Emma Caulfield.

Anya asking why from Mtti on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So apparently its summer over here, coulda fooled me, unless it was that two week gap of sun we had, than I should have taken more advantage of it. As I type this there is a light drizzle happening behind not that kind of drizzling you dirty people, the kind - hold up. these fucking "tenants" in the house I'm living in at the moment not only have the uncanny ability of producing foal stench cooking 24 hours a day but they have the additional mutated ability of SLAMMING THE GODAMN DOORS SO HARD it vibrates throughout the entire house, THANK GOD I am moving out on Saturday.

Where the hell was I? Gee now I totally lost my dirty joke shtick... let me start again.

So apparently its summer over here, coulda fooled me, unless it was that two week gap of sun we had, than I should have taken more advantage of it. As I type this there is a light drizzle happening behind not that kind of drizzling you dirty people, the kind that pitter patters against the window, while you're gazing outward with Mariah's "I can't live if living is without you" playing in the background. Yes depression of note and not a drip of alcohol in site, unless you count hand gel but I'm no where near that desperate(give me an hour).

So when the sun does decide to show its solar flared ass, when the summer romances start to bloom and inspiration takes flight into the blue hue sky, I have a couple of nice lifetrack goodness tunes to get you into the groove. All the saffa folks located in the South I'm sure you can turn on a light and pretend, its probably what we are going to do here anyway.. enjoy

Poka vs Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love (Cross the Line Remix) by poka

THe Middle East - Blood (Kill Them With Colour Remix) by Kill Them With Colour

Michael Jackson Telepopmusik - Remember The Time (SLEEPER HEARTBROKEN REMIX) by SLEEPER

(Sidebar: I did not post thes awesome tunage up so if you wnat to know more about the artists just click "Info" and follow link.... Have fun!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Do not want To return Alone

Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho - A really cute short film about two boy's Gabriel and Leonardo falling in wuv, its so pure and innocent but not in the boring and bleh way, there's of course the obligatory fag hag Giovana caught in the middle, the coolness factor is upped by 50% as its in Portuguese.

(To translate click the "CC" box at the bottom of video and select translate captions, the translations aren't 100% correct but we're all clever enough to ascertain what they are meaning to say, right? unless you're just used to dumb romantic movies about a tortured good looking boy whom "know one understands" starring an annoying Disney kid, then what are you doing here?)

More informação over here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return of the Mat

It has been eons since I last stepped finger on this blog, my apologies and half for leaving the last post in top place, as the subject matter was such a waste of energy (in reference to the PullMyFinger logo comp). If I hear anybody say its a "chalk it up to life experience" I will post copious amounts of life draining youtube clips to you, that your wall/email will resemble something of a hillbilly reunion roll call.

I guess I should start at the very beginning, which I hear is a very good place to start...but then again as I'm typing this even I'm losing interest, so I'll make this a quickie with a few min of foreplay and 10 mins of spooning afterwards (followed by 20mins crying in the shower coz all you'll ever be is a one night stand or a gateway gay, ooh dark)

shoh but I can ramble? already two paragraphs in and I haven't said anything about the first week I've been in London and how awesome its been meeting new peeps, some DJ's, seeing bands like Cut Copy and the Decemberists LIVE!(up close nogal, not 50 miles away like at a lame ass BRcOKE Fest event) and the weekend markets here I'm afraid make the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town look like a crumb, I'm sowwi buts its true yo.

One thing I hate tho is the lack of Vitamin D in this Land of Eng, lately its been playing mean peekaboo with us, I feel like im stuck in an episode of La Linea (look it up, for the "ohhhh yeah" moment). Do not get me started on my supposed "place of rest" I'm currently residing at, don't get me wrong my room is great, fantastic area (North of Victoria Park) complete hot ass walking the streets, but it all kinda falls flat when your annoying roommates constantly cook meals that smell like "boiled pigs hoofs" (copyright Kate Ruscoe) and the bathroom resembling a horror scene out of "Ringu" with the amount of hair everywhere, which I can handle coz once you've been to a Vortex port-a-potty everything else just seems minuscule, but theres only so many times this bitch barks before he bites.

I guess everything is up in the air at the mo', just when I thought my life could not get any more "sands of the hour glass" more compost is added for extra blockage, but I suppose that's life and all blah blah blah...Hallmark Channel blah blah....

Well I will obviously be keeping you much more up to date with whats happening in my life coz lets face it I like to rant my ass off and how else will the 83 people following me survive? speaking of which anybody from London (East End) reading this and have a room available for around £420-ish pcm, holla at me pleeeeeeez

I'll leave you with a youtube vid swong thats kind of an anthem for me at the mo' and a mixtape from my lovely fweend who's also over here in London going by the name of Twang. ENJOY!!

Throw glitter on it by TWANG

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Logo Lovin

My logo has been selected amongst a rather large number of others to be presented in the voting stages of the Pull&Bear competition, dunno much about marketing the people for votes besides from regular Facebook and Twitter postage.

Much appreciation would be given if you would add your two cents all you need to do is to go to Pull&Bear,register, await for a confirmation email then go to page11(or 14 depending on your browser size) and vote for my logo (the one at the top of this post) AND SPREAD THE MESSAGE!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Logo XX

A huge opportunity came up recently as a competition was created by retail clothing/lifestyle brand Pull & Bear to design a logo in conjunction with their 20 years of consumer goodness. Of course anything that I have a finger in would not be without its drama, after the close of the competition a message was posted on the site, stating they would not be picking a logo as none of the entries went with the campaign.
Lots of people were ticked off, as designers took the time to create good or really average logos, it sounds as if team Bear did not think this through at all, why design a whole campaign and not take into consideration the main logo? They have responded by carrying on with the competition but the winning logo will not feature in the Pull & Bear campaign or any other related material.

So I take it my entry will not get the face time it so rightly deserves, cue in my lovely dashing blog to the rescue. So take a gander at my option and if your curiosity is edging for more go here to see the other contestant works and let me know what you think..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Acting Chops

There are some pretty talented people out there, I found some scenes from diff TV shows, that'll back it up. Enjoy and get the tissues ready..

Dexter: (Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C.Hall)

Desperate Housewives: (Felicity Huffman)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
(bad recording quality acting)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music & Nytol


"heya"..that's the greeting I receive wherever I am over here, its as infectious as "Achy Breaky Heart" was back in 92, but afterwards you feel like a college girl waking up in the morning, hungover from the previous nights frat partay next to some guy named Clifford and a beer bong.

wow that was a detour intro...anyway, I forgot what I was gonna type about now, have to act before the Nytol train hits my station...toot! toot! zzzzzzzz.. oh now I remember:

You can always tell how cool a person is by the amount of DJ friends he has, and I'm not talking facebook-request-he-don't'-know-you-but-you-type-random-shit-on-their-wall-friends. I'm talking ones you actually know.

I have the fortune of knowing two really talented (browny points) producers/music makers, both of whom have been releasing good material every time, I have mentioned both before; Jumping Back Slash here and Who Killed JR? here but I figured a post of their latest stuff was in order. They're different threads on the audio spectrum but neither are lesser in the entertainment...

So that means I'm cool right?

also check out my Souncloud and hear what else I'm jiving to at the mo, Okay I hear the train coming...


Saturday, January 1, 2011


Reflection. the sponsor of the day.

Most people I guess would be taking this time to either:
A: Work out what exactly to expect for the coming months
B: Think about what can be improved upon in their lives from the previous year
C: Taking the time to meditate and cleanse the soul for the New Year
D: Working off a mother f%^*ing hangover from the previous nights debauchery by drinking more and filling the tank with some cow meat at the nearest Mcdonalds.

The thought of reflection for me takes on more a literal approach, over the past few years towards the impending era of 30's and the decay of 20's, it's more and more of a struggle to recognise the face that stares back at me whilst shaving the man-beard. Getting distracted in the daily drama that is "the days of our lives" I feel the increasing need to get back to my roots (not the kiss-the-tarmac-of-Africa kind).
Sure we have to change and adapt in order to move on but what I mean is nowa days I'm a toothpick close to boiling a rabbit with making even the smallest of -what brand toothpaste?- decisions but back then when I was going through bad stuff I could sorta deal with that childlike inhibited naivety

What I think would be perfect is if my old self and new self could do a mental Fusion Dance resulting in a semi perfect on the right track being. That will be my New Years proposition.