Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return of the Mat

It has been eons since I last stepped finger on this blog, my apologies and half for leaving the last post in top place, as the subject matter was such a waste of energy (in reference to the PullMyFinger logo comp). If I hear anybody say its a "chalk it up to life experience" I will post copious amounts of life draining youtube clips to you, that your wall/email will resemble something of a hillbilly reunion roll call.

I guess I should start at the very beginning, which I hear is a very good place to start...but then again as I'm typing this even I'm losing interest, so I'll make this a quickie with a few min of foreplay and 10 mins of spooning afterwards (followed by 20mins crying in the shower coz all you'll ever be is a one night stand or a gateway gay, ooh dark)

shoh but I can ramble? already two paragraphs in and I haven't said anything about the first week I've been in London and how awesome its been meeting new peeps, some DJ's, seeing bands like Cut Copy and the Decemberists LIVE!(up close nogal, not 50 miles away like at a lame ass BRcOKE Fest event) and the weekend markets here I'm afraid make the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town look like a crumb, I'm sowwi buts its true yo.

One thing I hate tho is the lack of Vitamin D in this Land of Eng, lately its been playing mean peekaboo with us, I feel like im stuck in an episode of La Linea (look it up, for the "ohhhh yeah" moment). Do not get me started on my supposed "place of rest" I'm currently residing at, don't get me wrong my room is great, fantastic area (North of Victoria Park) complete hot ass walking the streets, but it all kinda falls flat when your annoying roommates constantly cook meals that smell like "boiled pigs hoofs" (copyright Kate Ruscoe) and the bathroom resembling a horror scene out of "Ringu" with the amount of hair everywhere, which I can handle coz once you've been to a Vortex port-a-potty everything else just seems minuscule, but theres only so many times this bitch barks before he bites.

I guess everything is up in the air at the mo', just when I thought my life could not get any more "sands of the hour glass" more compost is added for extra blockage, but I suppose that's life and all blah blah blah...Hallmark Channel blah blah....

Well I will obviously be keeping you much more up to date with whats happening in my life coz lets face it I like to rant my ass off and how else will the 83 people following me survive? speaking of which anybody from London (East End) reading this and have a room available for around £420-ish pcm, holla at me pleeeeeeez

I'll leave you with a youtube vid swong thats kind of an anthem for me at the mo' and a mixtape from my lovely fweend who's also over here in London going by the name of Twang. ENJOY!!

Throw glitter on it by TWANG