Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Tunage #112

Welcome to The Sunday Tunage, 5 tracks that have been engrained in my brain for the past week, so far I've had a bit of disco techno headspace, to cancel out the festive repeats of the carols of the current time.

The Silver Rider - The Way

Don't know who The Silver Rider is save for the avatar he uses for his Soundcloud account and his ability to make a good disco track in "The Way".


If theres one person thats eluding me in terms of watching live, its Lifelike, one day.... one day it will happen.

Adam Port - Sonnenfinsternis

So I think its about time I should acquire this record seeing as it houses another of Adam Ports gems (Here is Why -  Tonight remix). Interesting to see how he lists Berlin and Jamaica as residents.

Echocopy - Banana Tape Recorder

Something new I picked up, nice jammy jams for drowning out the "challenges" of public commuting.

Secousse - Don't You Want My Love

I would think this groovy track would be considered Vaporwave and leave it for the POWER EDITIONS, but coz its grooviness I chose to add it here. 

Jeffrey Paradise - Cruise Control (Rollmottle Remix)

I hate and love the fact that this song makes me think of sundowners on a beach in the warm season, why the hate aspect? Cos its winter here now...


Loving these visual landscapes.

Mark Pritchard • ‘Sad Alron’ from Warp Records on Vimeo.


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