Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Tunage #102

Two week hiatus and now we're back and on my birthday, wow, getting older cannot be that bad with so much great music coming out, right? Some highlights this week before my age level-up; FM-84 new album Atlas, a surprise soundtrack by Makeup and Vanity Set, for short film "Hit TV", a sprinkle of artful pop with Beyoncé's new one LEMONADE, Star Wars Day, Free Comic Book Day, Captain America: Civil War and merriness with friends and family, yup, I do like my month of Mays.

Now onto the 5 tracks selected by my ears for your pleasure and musication, enjoy :)

Digitalism 'Go Time' (Mumbai Science Remix)

What a kick ass remix, so uplifting and definitly something for anyone just about to leave/hit the dance floor or some sport of some kind.

Gimmie What You Got (Poolside Edit)

Poolside is always bringing the A-game when it comes to remix's/edits and this one by Le Pamplemousse is no exception, just in time for summer...

ENDEAVOR - Frontrow

The sounds that resinate from this track is on the border of spiritual housness. Thats's it.

Chrystal Colors - Coated

Digging this jagged vibe from tracks such as this, it can be a bit repetitive with some tracks but if you sieve through those you find gems like this one.

RY X - Deliverance (Fort Romeau Remix)

I'm not going to justify why a Fort Romeau track is on here.


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