Monday, April 26, 2010

Content Aware Fill, my life please!

I want to marry Content Aware Fill, make babies, then give them up for adoption only to meet up with them several years later which inspires a TV movie starring Valerie Bertinelli as me..

Sunday, April 25, 2010


going crazy over the latest M.I.A song, bitch be bringin it awwwnn!!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Captain My Captain.

A little something I did for the return of the Original Captain America (Steve Rodgers) a character who I generally did not find interesting until New Avengers began, soon discovered what the hoo haa was, which goes to show what happens when given a good writer.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dream the Sequence

Every once in awhile there comes a movie that exceeds every ones expectations and crumbles the flood gates that hold the vast amounts of imagination from our minds. Now try having a dream like that. I don't know what it is but sometimes a block buster occurs and I'm the only person in the world to experience it and sometimes play a role in it too (Maybe its watching too much Studio Ghibli). Waking up after the "movie" is "screened" its depressing knowing that by the next day, your conscience will have scrapped your epic to the bargain bin of your brain, eventually forgetting you created such a piece. Unless you have one of those dream books to write in...nerds...sorry Sis !±!

The one I had the other night would have been on "Avatar" level yo!(still haven't seen it)

"Two souls who live in separate dimensions are connected, through this connection the walls of reality are broken down and the two realities start an all out war with each other, the two souls discover the only way to stop the destruction is to severe the connection thus closing the rift and snapping reality back to normal. one to die, all to survive"

so sad man. would you believe this all came out in one night...crazy!! and i did a picture on how it looked, it was two city's literally on top of each other so when you look up from one, you would see the top of the buildings of the other city.(yeah that's Cape Town)

Does it sound like a summer movie potential or maybe an anime?
Just remember crazy is a sign of creativity.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Like My Art

I did a Q&A piece for a magazine recently unfortunatly it was cut due to space but they were so nice that they sent me a copy and I must say it's great. Its called I Like My basically what you do is upload pics of yourself focusing on your fashion and people comment or message you, it sounds kind of ego what what, but i met really nice people on there (check my page out here). The magazine is a culmination of all these people and shows how people are just as diverse as their fashion sense. More info here.

Now as I was paging through the mag I cam across this article about a really awesome painter by the name of Taner Ceylan, his subject matter is relatively normal, that is if you count men fucking each other followed by a still life flower. What really grabbed my attention was a piece titled "The Reading Lady", I dont know what it is about it but it captured me in an instant. This cements my appreciation towards art, I rarely ever get affected by art, music is the main emotive stirrer for me. But wow!

see more of his stuff at his website

Friday, April 16, 2010

ill - ustration

One music producer I follow really closely and not in the stalker way (Facebook has made it easier) is RAC, unAcronymly known as The Remix Artist Collective. He has graced us again with an awesome remix by unknown by me band called Leif & The Future, but to put the cherry on the top someone has put together an amazing music video for it. I don't know how "legit" it is but it looks so good, I think they put two animations together, i love it!!! check it out ya'lll

Monday, April 12, 2010


It seems to be the subject matter of my life right now, Brainzzzz! Like what was I thinking? would they like me for my mind? don't go mental, try to at least get a synapse spark.. So naturally I'd turn to the obvious release mechanism...zombie movies (and damn theres a shitload out there). Mind you it wouldn't be too bad to be one, no more job, relationships(or lack of) or war or other not so nice stuff, the only thing you worry about is food. That's not bad hey? Although do you get squeamish zombies? I'd probably be eating some guys flesh and be puking it out the I'll just stick to watching them.