Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Logo Lovin

My logo has been selected amongst a rather large number of others to be presented in the voting stages of the Pull&Bear competition, dunno much about marketing the people for votes besides from regular Facebook and Twitter postage.

Much appreciation would be given if you would add your two cents all you need to do is to go to Pull&Bear,register, await for a confirmation email then go to page11(or 14 depending on your browser size) and vote for my logo (the one at the top of this post) AND SPREAD THE MESSAGE!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Logo XX

A huge opportunity came up recently as a competition was created by retail clothing/lifestyle brand Pull & Bear to design a logo in conjunction with their 20 years of consumer goodness. Of course anything that I have a finger in would not be without its drama, after the close of the competition a message was posted on the site, stating they would not be picking a logo as none of the entries went with the campaign.
Lots of people were ticked off, as designers took the time to create good or really average logos, it sounds as if team Bear did not think this through at all, why design a whole campaign and not take into consideration the main logo? They have responded by carrying on with the competition but the winning logo will not feature in the Pull & Bear campaign or any other related material.

So I take it my entry will not get the face time it so rightly deserves, cue in my lovely dashing blog to the rescue. So take a gander at my option and if your curiosity is edging for more go here to see the other contestant works and let me know what you think..