Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh Diary my diary

Matt: Hello Diary, its been a long time my friend how have you been?

Diary: oh my god Matt where have you been?? I have so much to tell you, well fir..

Matt: Okay that was a rhetorical and how actually am I conversing with you you have no lips or even a mind to speak from. What is making this possible?

Diary: Seriously? after all these years only now you're asking this?

Matt: Um

Diary: well Matt what I can say is that; Diary is Matt and Matt is Diary...

Matt: What the fuck is that suppose to mean?

Diary: That Your mind is the equivalent of a Boeing 747-8 in a car wash.

Matt: again... What the hell is that suppose to mean?

Diary: You are like a pair of sneakers being worn by a deck chair.

Matt: okay you're getting weird...

Diary: Say's the guy who's literally typing to himself.

Matt: Wait a minute, are you saying this is all in my head?

Dairy:...and Bingo was his name.

Bingo: Finally you acknowledge me!

Matt: ----------------------

Aroused - Tom Vek's SUB-EDIT by Tom Vek

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy edit) by Tesla Boy

Final DJs- Moonlight Serenade by FINAL DJs

Karen's Party Mix