Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Tunage #104

It's semi summer over here in the don of Lon and with that come awesome tunage coming at you, 5 tracks that are great for the ears.

Dragonette - Lonely Heart

So much love for Dragonette, been a keen follower for several years since Van She did a sweet take on Pick up the Phone. This will be my summer track, full of lush caribeantronic and a splash of the downer/upper lyrics, is right up my alley.. "on and on and oooooonnnn"

lontalius - dreams in my head (anika moa cover)

God this guys voice just makes you want have a montage of contemplative scenes, his cover of Anika Moa's Dreams in my head is just wow, I actually remember the original.

Digitalism - Go Time (John Tejada Remix)

I just recently purchased Digitalism's new album "Mirage"and what I can say is thats it's awesome, to me it's what I expected Daft Punks "Random, Access, Memories" to be, yes I said it. Its has tracks that are deep Digitalism style, some new experimental sounds, some commercial and even some that border on Daft Punk territory. So when I heard John Tejada had put his magic on one of my faves, "Go Time" I nearly wet myself, taking the pumped up electro rock vibes of the original and turning into a full on techno banger, is geni-licious.

Janet - Alright (Kayper Remix)

Gotta love a bit of pop remix'ed and how can you go wrong with Janet?

MSTRKRFT - Party Line (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Bloody fucking hell, haven't heard anything form MSTRKFT since their A-Team them remix, I must confess I did not enjoy "Fist of God" as much as I savored "The Looks". Well to my delighted surprise I see that they have not only returned but roped in one of my favourite producers alive MR OIZO!!! yay!!


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