Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Illustrator: Jerome Opeña

One of the many things I love about comics' is that every once in awhile you get blown away by what an artist does in just a couple of panels. Over the past couple of years one such artist that is upping his game with each project is Jerome Opeña, I first witnessed his stuff when he drew for Uncanny X-Force, coupled with long time collaborator Rick Remender (awesome writer in his the visual language BLEW. ME. AWAY.

Most illustrators are good at certain aspects but faultier at others, eg, great at pin ups but fall at backgrounds. Nope not Jerome. The thing that gets me is his attention to facial expressions, just a glance at his strokes and you can see the severity of a situation in an eye or crease of a wrinkle.

Shortly after Uncanny he moved to the Marvel Now! Avengers relaunch, I was sceptical as to how would his dark manner translate into "Earths Mightiest Heroes", boy was I proved wrong, in a good way 

Currently he is on the latest Marvel big event Infinity, which is a space epic, and wow! does he do space battles.

It was a mission tracking some examples of his work online, for some ungodly reason, but here is a few of his stuff below, he doesn't have a website but you can go to his Wiki page or here to get an in-depth history of his work.

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