Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Most of the time the general public regard the comic medium as mainly tights and flights kind of vibes, which is weird as right from the beginning comics has had many diverse genres explored and continues to do so.

The Massive
Written by Brian Wood, who recently began writing the all woman team of X-Men in adjective-less X-Men. The premise of The Massive at first is simple, a Green Peace like organisation The Ninth Wave on their ship The Kapital, is searching for it's sister vessel The Massive in a post natural disaster(s) apocalyptic world. Of course with any event involving outside elements the main juice of the story is the characters dealing with the shizzle outside and aboard. Very Intriguing flashbacks and interactions ensue.

I would say the main thing about this comic, would be information, accompanied within the comic is several pages of just written accounts detailing just how the planet broke down, there is a lot of jargon so if you like me, have a dick-tionary "handy" (*giggle... lame I'm sorry). Also interesting is how the politics is dealt with, in one storyline there is an oil rig that is their own questionable sovereign nation.

The art which is a rotation of several peeps is really good, bold outlines and wide shots of detail add to the desolate feeling that one would expect if time came to that, the colourings' use of a muted monotone palette also adds that sophisticated element to this production.

This is no swashbuckling tale of heroics and adventure if that is what you are expecting, okay there are action scenes but but what brings me to this party is the writing and wondering what the importance of finding The Massive really means...

The Massive, Vol. 1: Black Pacific is available and well worth it guys, now here, bask in some of the awesome cover artwork


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