Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Tunage #2

Boy has this week been full of glorious tunage, I will not prelong the experience with my attempts at witty banter anymore...

FM Attack - Fade Away (with Julian Sanza)

I have been following FM Attack (Shawn Ward) for a good couple of years, he's one of those rare producers/musicians that keep a constant flow of good music which never stagnates (wow thats an actual word). Fade Away can best be described for me as a; walk-through-the-streets-of-the-city-thinking-about-stuff-montage-track.

Check out his whole album Deja Vu here

Goldroom - Embrace (MyKill Remix)

This is a another fantastic example when two good things come together to create magic.

- Add one part Goldroom, best known for his chilled beats "Sweetness feat Say Lou Lou" and the awesome "Fifteen"

- Add one part, MyKill, which his remix of "Midi Matilda - Day Dreams" has become a permanent fixture on my Life Soundtrack compilation.

-  Shake for a couple of sec's and voila:

Clubfeet - Acapulco & LA

Next up is a bunch of guys I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of New Years ago in Cape Town, nice chaps, cool song and for free! SCORE.

Wild Nothing - Nocturne

I'm throwing this one in coz anything that comes out of the Captured Tracks label (Beach Fossil, DIIV, Minks) is pure gold, having recently celebrated their fifth year by having a concert in Brooklyn, New York. "Captured" on video by Pitchfork here, man, it looked like 2 days of pure awesomeness..

Cut Copy - Free Your Mind (Fort Romeau Remix) 

Cue me taking the form of a 16 year old girl and screaming; "Have my babies!" That was me my first time I saw Dan on stage, a straight guy in front turns around and says "I would also want that from Dan". Cut Copy has definitely taken over this and many boy's brains over. I digress though, as this remix by Fort Romeau has bewitched me even more, he totally diverted from the original track and created an (dare I say it) even better take (I'm saaarrry CC).  

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