Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Graphic Content

"Hey Matti, what is Graphic Content, sounds like something porno?"

Its a play on words people, in here I will be selecting from my vast library of graphic (get it now?) novels, comics or maybe sometimes dare I say it.. books, and just write about my love for the stories and why you should pick it up.

Morning Glories.

Wow this first write up is just going to sell itself, This comic series written by the awesome Nick Spencer (Infinite Vacation, Secret Avengers) illustrated by Joe Eisma (dunno what he's done) and covers by Rodin Esquejo (Mind The Gap, another great read).

Set in a private boarding school of Morning Glory Academy we are taken through this f%$^ked up journey by a group of new students to the school. That is the only part of the story that makes any amount of sense, what follows is a series of clever quips, complex characters, weird drill machines under the school, a killer ghost/zombie thing and enough time travel to cause even Dr. Sam Beckett to jump outta a window. Its been described as a "Runaways meets Lost", in non geek terms it's a "teen school dramedy meets lost".

It's quite difficult to explain some of the events that unfold, Spencer writes in such intricate planned manner that I find myself back tracking to see what I missed, a lot of the times. Each character introduced has a specific role in the overall story, which I still have no clue but eager to discover

The interior regular art by Eisma for me took awhile to get used to, but have now find myself comfortable and even look forward to his balance of awkward teen angst poses and full on action scenes.

Overall if you are a fan of twist's, teen drama, mysteries, a touch of horror and a couple of awesome bitch's, this is definitely a read for you. If you have the cash to take the plunge full on, the first season is already collected in a hardcover. Have fun!

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