Thursday, October 31, 2013


Its that special time of year for me, no not Free Comic Book Day (which I love) it's Halloweeeeen! Most people don't really get down with this day, but how else am I gonna get my scary jollies out in public and DRESS UP! whoop whoop. I'm going for something different this year, instead of going through my top 5 horror movies, I'm going to go through the cartoon of yester years that gave this boy a warm fuzzy feeling each Hallows eve and hopefully yours.

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Besides the Christmas special, this has to be the defining Garfield episode for me and the bromance between him and Odie is just too cute, the sneezing scene is HI-larious!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This number freaked me the f#$% out when I first watched it. It can even still hold its own amongst some of the horror movies they are making today, brilliant animation coupled with eery soundtrack makes this a must see in Hollween animation. Check out the creepy song that sent chills down this boys spine back in the day here

Disney Lonesome Ghost

Anytime you get Mickey, Donald and Goofy together you know it's gonna be good, throw them in a haunted house and what you get, hotdog..

Donald Duck - Trick Or Treat

Another disney, Donald going solo, not so much scary but still a .... wait for it.... treat.

The Real Ghostbusters Season 1 Episode 6 – The Boogieman Cometh

This has to have been the most scariest thing I watched beside "It" when I was a young gay, nothing says a jolly afternoon of kids cartoons, than an episode of the actual Boogyman terrorising children my closet remains closed when I sleep... to ..this... day.. Plus no looking back you can't help but find the gay undertones in this episode, a she/he being coming out the closet to scare everyone.... hmmmmm

click here to watch

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