Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Tunage #5

Could this week have been any more of an awesome time for new music. wow. A new album from the likes of Cut Copy, incredible material from 80''s dream synth master Lazerhawk and new shizzle from cemented great Erol Alkin. LETS GO!

Cut Copy - We Are Explorers

I have nothing but love for these auzzie guys, their previous album "Zonoscope" took me a bit of time to get into, once it sunk in I was hooked. I have given the new one "Free Your Mind" a listen to and I am bit hesitant. Its a dramatic shift in influences which is great and refreshing when musicians take the plunge to progress and push their boundaries but that said it can also have an adverse affect, I'm going to see how long this will sink into my brain and then I'll form an opinion but for now lets EXPLORE!!!

Lazerhawk - Fight To The Top

This bad ass mofo quickly became one of my go-to-guys, to satisfy my 80's-synth-electro cravings, that I have about every 5 mins of my life! You'll hear why..

Erol Alkan - Bang

I experienced this guy live at the Unknown festival in Croatia last month, twas awesome.

HAIM - The Wire (Farhot Remix)

How can you not like anything from HAIM? Especially when great producers do good work on their remix's.

Teen Daze - Let's Fall Asleep Together

I know I've had this Teen on before but I just love his stuff so much and just want to share, this is an oldie but still a goldie, perfect for Sunday bliss. Check out his library of material at his bandcamp site.

Also check out who they opened up for recently... The Sea and Cake!! that would have been a great night... oh and heres a pick of the band jamming around.

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