Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Tunage #3

What a week of music for me, discovering old remixed to new, entirely new and one that brings back a girl that was gone too soon from this ball of a planet.

Gem Club - Hypericum

We gonna start this batch with a slow one people (variety, it opens doors to your mind). Honestly I do not know these guys, actually this was the first time I have heard them and I'm lucky to have. I follow their record label Hardly Art, hint, if you like one band from a label, chances are it is a gold mine of other audio treasures, but you know that already right? Described as a "chamber pop/rock" band it could easily fit into a; stare into the sky/ glancing out a rainy window/ looking at your love walking away from you, scene in a tv show.

Darondo - Didn't I (Trishes Edit)

Bringing up the tempo but keeping the soul going is this number, man, I heard this in a mixtape and automatically replayed this bit. Apparently the original was in an episode of Breaking Bad.. which I have still not seen, WHAT??!! OKAY!! I have other things in life going.. like American Horror Story and shit...

Aaliyah - If your girl only knew(finnebassen remix)

The demographic of 12 people that read my blog, mostly remember where they were when they heard about Baby girl's tragic death, way back in 2001. I must say I miss this woman but she lives on through her music and also when people do kick ass remix's like this one.

Robotaki - It's Still About You (feat. Hey Champ)

Its Robotaki and Hey Champ, do I need to say anymore? Oh yes I do, its FREE!

Baio - Mira

If the name of Baio rings any bells to any hectic Vampire Weekend followers, it should. Chis Baio is the basest for them, but that is where it ends, in terms of anymore musical association with VW. This piece is an awesome mix of beats with electrical zzzttss, chiccc chicca and neeeumm neeumm. Just listen....

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