Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Melodic Mashup

Too be honest I am not big fan of mashups, yet you get the odd one here and there that just works, like a pregnant woman discovering gherkins and ice cream ... I don't know where I was going with that one, just heard it's what pregnant woman crave sometimes. 

The Hood Internet - It's Still About Falling (Haim x Robotaki)

This could very well be a remix its that good, The Hood Internet is responsible for some pretty cool mashups, which is evident here as this is one of two works of his I'm posting today.

Cassius/Outkast - Feeling for Rosa (1999)

I may have posted this one in a previous Sunday Tunage but It feels more at home here. Flight Facilities are producers in their own right as well as great remixers, so much so, that I am checking them out in London next week, on my birthday (see what I did dropped there?)

The Hood Internet - Rule The War (Tears For Fears x Blackbird Blackbird)

Oh Its The Hood Internet again, so its nostalgia vs newbie in this one which is great stuff.

The Reborn Identity - This Charming Video Game (The Smiths vs Lana Del Rey)

This is a match made in heaven or an emotel somewhere on Mulholland Dr.

The Reborn Identity - Madonna vs Cut Copy - Take Me Like a Virgin

Okay, another repeat today from The Reborn Identity, this is a fun one tho, not too serious but you can hear the skill in the mashing, plus he created a video too.

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