Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mix Tape Maddi

Okay so you probably are sitting at work, driving to a far off destination or discovering the latent genetic default in a human chromosome, which is responsible for the madness that is selfies. Regardless of what, we all need a soundtrack to go with it and how long can a single song stretch out? Let’s face it; real life does not come with the luxury of 80’s montages.

Enter the mix tape, for us older peeps that meant strategically holding the play + record buttons (judo chop synch style) on our cassette players, the split second our 2Unlimited jam came onto the air waves. Nowadays its all bout the digitals, which I am not complaining about at all, though one can’t help feeling jaded getting such vast variety, vomited onto your feed.

Fear not, Maddi (me) has gone through his (me again) history and selected a few eclectic mix tapes, I’m limiting the amount I post so I can make this an ongoing thing plus you don’t want me to vomit musical goodness all over your brain feed all at once now, do you?

I specifically chose these puppies based on obviously the great music but more importantly the diversity (I hope) as you are never too far narrow, to open yourself up to different tastes, hell mixtapes are where I usually discover great gems that I did not know I liked.

Les Loups - Reloved One

One to throw us into the beat, which is perfect for an active day of laying by the pool.

Medicinne Dosage #2- Thank you- SXSW- Edition! (Live studio Recording)

From beat to deep...

Oliver presents: Generations of Disco Mixtape

…what we want is disco…disco

Van She DJ Mix Feb 14

Nearly all the good bands/producers/DJ’s come out with their own mixtapes, it reflects their passion for the medium and not only do they make their own shizzle but they want to share other peeps music too.

Johnny Jewel - After Dark 2

Just coz it’s a mixtape doesn’t mean it can’t be chilled.        

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