Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Tunage #26

As a creative person or not, there comes certain madness when one has an open mind, our brains are just eager to get as much variety and stimulation that it fills up to a point where we burst with jaded expectations. That’s why its best to every once in awhile gaze upon terribly executed material, in order to appreciate the abundance of good stuff in life, which is really not hard feet to achieve.

I was rambling.

I try my best to share electric mix of tracks each week with a limit of 5 so it’s a nice challenge to squeeze it into one perfect package, we have chill electro, band stuff and house music to end off, plus a video and the photography spotlight. Spoilt bitch’s.

Gang of Youths - Poison Drum

This track could possibly be about something depro judging by the title, but it’s got that rock n roll sing in your car vibes going on.

Donovan Blanc - Hungry A Long Time

Like something out of a 70’s mellow rock outfit, Donovan Blanc creates a great throwback to what was but keeps it contemporary with quality production.

Jackson and His Comnputerband - Orgysteria (Para One Remix)

Hands down my favourite track for this week, I have only recently been aware of Jackson for a couple of months now but Para One I’ve known since the beginning of my electronic love affair and this is a great mix of the two.

Hercules & Love Affair - Do You Feel The Same (Andy Butler's 'Mr International' Dub)

Just when you thought it was going to be a chilled Tunage, BAM I throw this on your face. 90’s house infused goodness.

Micheal Baker – Don’t You Want My Lovin’ (Dj “S” Bootleg Extended Dance Re-Mix )

From house to funk a remix of a disco jem from way back when, the original is also fanstastic


As I said before I only recently got into Jackson and His Computerband, which to my delight has been around a good long couple of years, since 1996 to be exact. Making music at 15 and featuring his singer mom on a couple tracks is pretty neat. This video Memory takes the kind of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Kind route dealing with memories of a relationship that get mixed up, the cinematography is great and I love the treatment (I’m a sucker for Black and White film) oh and who’s the guy? Well its Jackson himself!


Alberto Seveso

We’ve all seen this process of photography all too often even on billboards of advertising and packaging , yet when I take my time and look at “a Due Colori” , a series of high speed photographs of ink-mixing in water, I get mesmerised in the textures and organic shapes (ooh arty words) that is capture by Seveso. Chalk it down to an eye for choosing the right images and a carefully thought out colour palette. If your eyes cannot get enough of it they are sold as prints here among other pieces of his work and his portfolio here.

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