Monday, April 21, 2014

Illustrator: Jae Lee

Mostly known now in the comic community as the artist on the recent Batman and superman series as well as the Before Watchman: Ozymandias mini series, I know him best for his work on the Marvel Knights Inhuman series back in 1998. It is great to follow an artist throughout the years and see their work progress and get better and better. Technically he got his start earlier drawing a Beast spotlight story in “Marvel Comics Presents”.

The best I can describe his work is surreal and dark. Which works really well, a great example is his stint in Marvels graphic version of Stephen Kings: The Dark Tower.


I was surprised to see him on the Batman and Superman series (running as I type), though you have to really concentrate on his non linear panel work, it is such a treat seeing him draw Bats and Sups even Wonder Woman is there.

Of course I go crazy whenever he touch’s the X-Men.


I want to leave you with the cover art from Phantom Stranger #5, it is fantastic in terms of subject matter and composition, I would not mind having it blown up and hanging on my wall. In fact I think I will try and aim for that one day. Man, the way The Spectre is coming out Strangers eye and his cape out the mouth, wow!


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