Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Tunage #25

As you may have noticed the image used in my post header is just amazing so I have added a bit more to the end of this post because this guy’s work needs to be seen, on top of that a good friend of mine is releasing his EP soon and guess what? You can stream a preview right here. Oh plus the regular wholesome stuff too. Talk about eye and ear candy.

Oliver Koletzki - Warschauer Strasse

I read the name of this song and nostalgia flows in of the Berlin life. I have checked out the rest of Olivers stuff and I might say its pretty cool and bit "urged" I wont be able to see him live anytime soon but peeps in Germany and Switzerland can, get in on it!

Blackbird Blackbird – Hold On

This track oozes awesomeness, nuff said.

SelloRekT /LA Dreams – Impulsive

I swear I am not deliberately choosing electronic music all the time but man when you get guys like this creating solid shizzle I can’t help but share. I have posted about SelloRekT /LA Dreams before and I will keep on doing so if they continue to keep bring out synthy goodness.

Kimirah - Just Kiddin - Thinking About It (Kimirah.remix)

mmmmmmm yummy….

Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Tony Quattro Bootleg)

I still miss this girl. So glad people are remixing her stuff.


I am über excited to share this with you, coming soon to an eardrum near you is Baniza an EP beautifully created by a homie of mine out of Berlin. I know you’ll love it, why? Coz I live it bitchs don’t question me!


I like like looking at pretty things, do you? Have a gander at some of Zack Seckler’s work, its fantastic. You have to read the about section on his website, it’s funny, I have just selected a few pics below but if that doesn’t fill your bucket trust me there are plenty more where that came from..


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