Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Tunage #22

Pushing Hands - He's Still Here

Great song to just sit and chill or do something arty or quirky like:

• Ride a bike with your Sunday best on, along the coast
• Outdoor Bowling.
• Gardening
• Braai (BBQ) with fweends.
• Flying a hand-made kite out of sticks from the park and vintage curtains you found at a flea market that day.

You get the point.

Sons et al. - Day By Day

Not much on the net about this four piece band hailing from Melbourne, except their influences; Neil Finn, Here We Go Magic, Thom Yorke, The XX, Yaesayer, Foals, Ice House, Crowded House. [sidebar Australia is just a huge soft serve machine of great music, so much so that I automatically click play, if a band is from there, get in on it people!

If you like what you hear, they have their whole album GODSPEED online to stream.

Cut Copy – In These Arms Of Love

Honestly I was not too much into the recent offering by Ozzy electro outfit Cut Copy, of course that did not stop me from seeing them live in Berlin last year and considering seeing them for the fourth time in the coming months. “In These Arms Of Love” feels like it lives within their 2nd album “In Ghost Colours”, which was the during the time I was fully swimming deep in the vocals of Dan, so it’s a nice throwback.

This song is part of a Record Store Day vinyl release this year, only in America though, hope the yanks are grateful. Last year I bought the limited release of their first album “ Bright Like Neon Love” on vinyl, still don’t have a record player…. yup I suck.

Darius - Espoir

 So this song oozed sex all over my inner… ear. You know the kind? That warm chocolate running down your back feeling, the only thing stopping you from moaning is your toes curling in their shoes under the desk. Eventually you just cant fight the urge to just get up from wherever you are, find an isolated room, lock the door and … and …. call a friend to tell them how awesome it is! Hmmmm creamy dreamy.

Psychemagik feat. Renegade - Black Noir Schwarz

Psychemagik won me over with their Fleetwood Macgold awhile back, so I have been keeping an eye out on them and thank dog I did. Not only did they release another Mac attack along the way they hit us with this baby last month. SO GOOD. Now it is rare you will get a song that is released with several remix’s that is great from end to finish yet Psychemagik struck gold with the list of peeps reworking their original. Tensake as always has a great contribution!

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