Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Tunage #54

Heya everyone it is weird when the sun is out and yet my feet are ice blocks, Mother Nature, you are cray cray. Just a thought, now music. It's all dancy dancy this week.

Ready For The World - Love You Down (Silent Gloves Quiet Storm Mix)

Lets bring on the smooth tunes courtesy of a remix by Silent Gloves bringing the synthwave power vibes to a classic.

Death on the Balcony - Gonna Miss Me

Gutted to have missed these boys at Unknown in Croatia last year oh well, next time. 8 minutes of pure uplifter of a house track that you can basically send to someone who really should not be wasting your time with, yeah don't even have to explain just send link in an email, nothing else, I'm sure they'll get it when the vocals come in and they be like "wha? :(".

Human Movement - Shake I Out Now!

What starts out as just your usual electro banger actually morphs into a funky deep track that is sure to get douchebags and music lovers on the floor together and not judging one another. well just a bit.

LIFELIKE "Overdrive" - ALAN BRAXE Remix

What happens when you get one awesome producer remixing another awesome producer...well this track. These two guys were part of the bunch that spewed electronic music all over me when I was just a wee lad (in the discovering a new genre lad way). So for some reason Lifelike made it un-imbedible (thats my word) so just click the here to got to the page


Cerrone - Hooked On You (The Reflex Revision)

A kind of revised love letter to the oh so awesome 80's funk track by Cerrone (original) Its another one of those unimbedibles urg... go here and COWBELL!!!

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