Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Tunage #55

The Supremes - Back In My Arms Again (H1987 REWORK)

H1987 just brings such production to any piece he choses to rework, remix or create this being the oh so vintage goodness of The Supremes and adds the texture of deep thumping bass lines with a thickness of soul with the layers, holding onto the drama that is the speed up vocals of Miss Ross.

Thomas Barrandon - Outside The Cave

From soulful to soul fracture, my love of Thomas is no secret (review) this man can turn electricity into an audio emotion flight of wonder and sadness that I just tear up every time I listen to this track. It is a deep track that is really full of thematic power, not for the faint of musical heart.

Fitzzgerald - 1980 

A total 180 on the dramatic scale, to bring us back to our happy electro place, is this awesome upbeat piece of tunage that just pulls you out of whatever flunk (new word?) you have found yourself in, bring on the 80’s slam drums and funk kicks! You must check out his Girlfriend EP. ARGGH SO GOOD! AND FREE DOWNLOAD AND SAXAPHONE COMPLETE WITH “OOOOHHH”S

Nina - Mistake

This is what happens when you take a worthy pop vocal voice belonging to one such as Nina and throw some arpeggiators into the mix and wham awesomeness, she’s from Berlin too so that’s cool. 

Secondcity feat. Ali Love - What Can I Do (Mark Fanciulli Remix)

Speaking of Berlin here is greta remix of Secondcity's What Can I Do feat Ali Love, which has a neat techno-ish vibes slotted neatly here and there.


So I am well late to this one, Mykki Blanco is an awesome rapper who works with top notch producers to create heavy mean tracks that explode with talent oh and he dresses in drag. just take a gander.

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