Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Tunage #51

After the past two weeks of cray cray madness, its time to bring in the chilled vibes for this weeks Tunage, as the winter slaps us northern hemisphere'ers in the face, its time to contemplate the meaning of nesting and home settling while watching East Enders and ready made meals, hmmmm. After which I strip naked running in the streets brought on by just the thought of dying alone indoors when there is a whole world to see. I'm doing one of my famous ramblings again, haven't done that in while, you are lucky.. or not.

SelloRekT /LA Dreams - Reaching For A Shooting Star

As if you didn't get enough 80's shizzle on here, I'm dying to get my hands on anything in vinyl from this guy, so that I may play it on my non existing record player to which I have have several albums collecting dust waiting to be played... one day... one day...

LION BABE - Jump Hi (ft. Childish Gambino)

From the lovely duo that blessed us with this baby, we are given this Erica Badu like jam complete with Nina Simone sample, score! PS did you know the babe in Lion Babe is the daughter of Vanessa Williams, well now you know.


Bringing the disco grooves is this track. Would kill to find a place that plays this kind of magic, I'm sure London must have, I guess I may not be cool to find it or just lazy to google the right keywords

Vaults - Premonitions

Total 360 musical drop here, this reminds of of Massive Attack track of the 90's, what you think?

Kavinsky - Sovereign

Oh hey look who drop a beat this week, the guy who everyone associates with the film "Drive". Which I guess is a good thing, I guess. One of the big guys for about everyone on the retro synth wave movement, still kept his signature A game after all these years.

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