Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Tunage #53

So 2014 is nearly over, it seems that the older one gets time apparently speeds up, I'm saying this purely as an observation, I mean Im not old I'm just adding digits to my age. Putting denial aside let us carry on with this weeks Tunage, afterwards check out, some great stuff for the synth wave enthusiasts out there plus a review I wrote.

The Griswolds - Beware The Dog (Autograf Remix)

Childhood! - Treat Her Like (An Edit)

Really digging this style, dunno what its called or if it has a genre I'll go with funklectro? yes? no? okay no....

Brodinski feat. SD - Can't Help Myself [explicit]

Is that techno I hear in this Brodinksi?

Ready For The World - Love You Down (Silent Gloves Quiet Storm Mix)

I live for remix's like this one, taking an old school track and soaking it in miami vice goodness. yes yes and did I mention yes?

The Very Best - Hear Me

Absolutely bowled over by the latest offering from The Very Best, a cool chilled almost Massive Attacky vibes happening here

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