Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Tunage #49

It's a cloudy chilled Sunday today but that doesn't mean the Tunage will stop. Gearing up to the forthcoming Halloween celebrations next week, expect one of my Halloween posts next week with round of some of my favourite horror films and music too. Don't forget to check out my reviews on an excellent site dedicated to electronic music with an affinity towards the synth kind.

Son Lux - All The Right Things

Post-rock and alternative hip hop musician Son Lux, creates a great sound for those of you who want something more layered in their genres. Off of his 20011 album "We Are Rising", "All The Right Things" is a more commercial example of his style I think, he has been around awhile so he has a nice catalogue to go through, he even recently worked with Lorde which ain't a bad thing. 

Phonat - Never

I fell in love with Phonat since his self titled album back in 08' "Set me free" and "Ghetto Burnin" are fixtures in my library. His mishmash of electro/funk/rock is spot on and "Never" is a total hit for me dripping in funk chocolate gets me so down I am nearly reaching china.

Roosevelt - "Elliot"

Here's another one of those, "where have you been all my life?" moments. Elliot has that self-contemplative feel to it and a hint of sadness, which I find just about right for everything I look for in a chill wave/disco-ish track.


Kyle Woods & Keiya - Let You In (Instrumental)

Okay so the vocal version of this track is really great too but I feel sometimes that instrumentals can be even more powerful and this is a great example, you can check out the vocal version here for your own comparison.

Lawrence La Doux - Astre
Sent to me by a musical homie this track begins in such a playful manner, snares chimes and beats are thrown around as if they were in a jumping castle.


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