Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mixtape Maddi

Lets get down to with some mixtape selections courtesy of your Mixtape Maddi

FADER Mix by Saint Pepsi

Getting straight into the funk over here. hmmm, hmmm, HMMMM!

Thump - Mix By Nguzunguzu

Gradual change of pace into some RnB/Soul/HipHop. Theres a really good mashup-ish of Ciara/Stardust in here..

The Ripe Guest Mix With Chrome Sparks

Totally different to the last two and venturing into electronic music now - oh did I say that already?

Perturbator's "Android Love" Mixtape II

Speaking of electronic, ah caamm annn!! You didn't think I would not sneak a synthwave mixtape in here, either you didn't or you don't care, anyway its here. Its not all thrashing and thumping, far from it though, think of it as a celestial dream.

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