Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Tunage #47

After a brief break, the Tunage is back, instead of giving you reason for said break, hows about we just get straight into it yes?

_H1987_ - JUNGLE 

I think the name has something to do with 1987 probably date of birth I would guess, nice chilled samplecollage going on here, check out the video too

Michael Cassette - Remember That Beach?

Since discovering the album "Temporarity" back in 2010, MC has never been off my radar, there is a signature within each song that automatically got me going. Yup this is Michael Cassette. Disco-ishy, house-y synth vibes all around!!

Mr. Oizo - Bear Biscuit

Its's the Oizo do I need anymore explanation, a bleeder of sounds to attack your brain synapsis in true Dupieux form.

Matt Dirt - In Deep (Snippet)

Even though its a snippet its still long enough to get the gist of it, if Matt Dirt does put the full version on I will replace it but this is just too cool to not post.

Steinbeck - Solaris (Mind's Eye)

80's power ballad guitar sliced throwback is my kryptonite, what a kick ass song definitely been on repeat for the past week and wishing there were a karaoke version floating around as I would aoke the shit out of this...


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