Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Illustrator: Frazer Irving

There's something really dark and twisted about Frazer Irvings work, yet you cannot deny the beauty that is born as a result. With commercial beginnings at 2000 AD and later Judge Dredd, it was clear I would assume at the time, that his path would be paved with yellow bricks, but without the big green wizard head at the end.

Due to the nature of Irvings desaturated tones, shadow play and distinctive linework you would think his work would not translate well to superhero titles, but yes it does. I guess it would depend on the storyline like the one told in Uncanny X-Men, where they are sucked into the demonic hell dimension limbo or just gate crashing an anti "Mutant"phobic rally. His grittiness oozes cool.

He's drawn quite a few big characters up till now; X-Men, Batman, Hellblazer and even Skeletor, how wicked is this transformation page of He-Man's significant other in Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor.. wow

I am actually going to let his work speak for itself, keep up to date with him on his tumblr page and check out a detailed list of work on is wikipedia profile. Now look at the eye candy!

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