Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Illustrator: Kevin Wada

Having first caught my eye with his X-Fashion series, fashion inspired illustrations depicting various X-Men, I was instantly "drawn" into his water colour infused pieces. 

His subject manner looked to be mainly woman but he does not ignore the male form which he draws quite well

The imagination that drips off his pen is very striking, his taste in fashion is a great companion to the uniforms that the hero subjects have worn throughout the years.

His splash team pages cement the fact that he can push his illustration skills even further and with little effort it would seem.

He has become so successful that comic book publishers such as Marvel and Kaboom! studios have commissioned cover art for several titles including the first issues of the new She -Hulk.

You can find his online shop here where more of his pieces, which are available for purchase. Follow his updates over at his tumblr  for your next fix of Kevin Wada.

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