Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Tunage #82

The days are getting fresher and the nightly veil hovers ever longer, what is constant is the music. 

Thrupence - New Light

A piece not for the "wait for drop" kind of people though a beat does fall upon us somehwere down the timetrack, a lovely progressive electronic lullaby by Thrupence who maintains his own brand of chill that is distinctive as TYCHO is to theirs/his...

Tosca - Put It On (Headman / Robi Insinna Version)

A brilliant remix that takes the original from a funky-ish bayo guitar thing, to a downtempo house track so slickly produced that one cannot help but groove a bit while while driving or waiting for bus.

Breakbot - Back For More

Man oh man, the orginla electro funkster is back with this beaut, bringing his long time collaborator Irfane and Sarah Ydoux too. Nothing else to say except play it already!

Flight Facilities - Two Bodies (Henri Remix)/Goldroom - Embrace ft. George Maple (Le Youth Remix)

I just had to do another two in one with these remix's, both originals are amazing and by great producers. These two remix's work perfectly as a couple with their house vibes, expect pianos, sifted vocals and 90's throwbacks ahead!

bobby raps & corbin - couch potato

Just when I got you all pumped, I hit you with slow jam, dripping with rnb meets teen angst but not in the MTV way. Corbin AKA Spooky Black and collab partner bobby raps spin out a really great journey of melodydrama that is sometimes needed at some point. check the whole album here.

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