Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Tunage #84

Counting down till the number of days till Halloween, most people think its a marketing scheme though, it may seem to be as with any other holiday in the world, yet, it gives me a great reason to rewatch vintage or current faves in the horror/scary genre. Now onto this weeks 5 picks, that wont scare you but just about do the opposite... unscare?

BT - Lustral

'A fall beyond the seas towards a land of forgotten old....." okay so that was me being all poetic like but seriously, how can you not when you listen to this track, the piano just tears at your strings like a tear from the eye of a lost love, there I am going at it again... 

Emancipator - All In Here

The album 'Seven Seas' released last month by Emancipator was a highly anticipated album, at least for me and lot of other peeps around the globe, a chill out album that weaves a yarn of reflection of the soul, 'All In Here" being standout for me.

Emancipator Bandcamp

H1987 -Sundaytrack#1

Oh look a Sundaytrack, how perfect, keeping with the chill vibes comes another great piece form sampling genius H1987,  though I question his Soundcloud tags; "edm", urg, that aside, this is a nice thematic piece of chillwave. straight off his free!! album, SundayTrack, how cool is that, check it out

STATUE - Statue Theme (Secret Circuit Remix)

Off the record label Cutter Records founded by members of Cut Copy, you gotta know what you in for when you hear the sounds that influences the band and their own material, the 'Statue Theme' remixed by Secret Circuit is a welcome audio candy after the first three song in this post :)

cash wednesday - Say

Dunno who Cash Wednesday is but this is one funky track.

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