Monday, December 22, 2014

Its Beginning to Sound a lot like M83

So instead of doing a festive themed post this year I've decided to pull together my own holiday thing and post my favourite remix's by one of the all time greats in thematic music productions, M83, I saw him in Berlin awhile ago and it was amazing. So gather round children, cozy up by the fire, get your gluhwein on and get ready for a jingle of the electronic kind. 

5. Paris Of Rome - Set in Stone (M83 Remix)

Taking an average rock song and removing everything but the vocals, creating more of a narrative than a catchy tune.

4. Bloc Party - Pioneers (M83 Remix)

This remix, nearly ten years old, once again strips down of the rock that forms the basis of the song but carefully utilising the emotive effectiveness of Kele's vocals, I think of this as Pioneers Revisited, like just after an awful breakup and all you left with are echoes of something that you barely remember was good.

3. Van She - Kelly (M83 Remix)

Picking our hearts up off the floor for this one and getting the lyrics over and done with at the start, M83 takes on an instrumental journey for the remainder of the song, just close your eyes and enjoy the flight, it begins with a guitar and from there.....

2. White Lies - Nothing To Give (M83 Remix)

Great use of vocal splicing here, building up into a climax of drums and violins that put all other White Lie remix's to shame. In my opinion..

1. Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows (M83 Remix)

One of the most emotional songs in my library that gets me every time I hear it, this is like the Never Ending Story of remix's; heart stringing pianos, synth wrenching echoes and soul tickling precessions culminate into a climax of nothingness leaving you floating in the void.

--- BONUS ---

Just so I don't leave ya'll feeling major bummed, heres an original by the man, this is the one that caught my ear for everything M83. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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