Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Tunage #56

Speaking of Christmas, here's my Tunage for the week. Yes There is no connection but they both mean well, traditionally speaking...

Madison - Gotta Have You (The Twelves Italo Remix)

How can I not begin with this one The Twelves have had a sporadic music year of a couple of remix's and mixtape but they leave the year with this awesome remix taking the "meh" original and giving it as they say an Italo spin to it, harkening the 70's feel big time.

Touch Sensitive - Teen Idols

One of the dudes form Van She' Touch Sensitive has given us his fair share of killer tracks throughout the years, this one in particular is the title track from the compilation album brought out by Future Classics, containing several awesome artists such as flight Facilities meg hit "Two Bodies" and Woolfy, Chet Faker, Cashmere Cat just to name a few. Get it here

YSE - Keep In Step

You cannot stop the funkness from seeping into your brain via your audio canal. Resistance is futile.

Sterling Fox - Holy (Howl And Dirge Remix)

This tune reminds me of earlier RAC material for some reason and then I think about how different RAC stuff I now and I think its sad, anyway... Do check out the original it's a nice romp and interetsing bi of fact Sterling Fox produced and mixed Lana Del Rey's "Born to Die" hmmm now we know.

Death Team - Fucking Bitches In The Hood (Double Loop Edit)

If ever you want a theme song to how you wanna start the new year off with attitude this is the one for you.


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